Unique Objects

Unique Objects

Exhibition objects, along with some private commissions.


Earrings of gears, titanium and cernit clay, 2001.

Tie necklace and earrings in oxidised sterling silver, 2005.

Ta’t lugnt, ta en Toy

Necklace of sterling silver and various kinds of rubber, 2004.

Necklace of coloured concrete and sterling silver, 2004.

Wedding rings in sterling silver and titanium, 2008. Private commission.

Ready steady go

Ring in sterling silver with interchangeable keys, in box of sterling silver and typewriter parts, 2000.

Portable emergency aid for the violent

Gingerbread heart behind glass, mounted on a brass plate with the text ”in case of emergency, break glass”. Rope chain in sterling silver, 2005.


Mosaic of soda cans on chipboard.

60 x 60 cm, 2005

Brooch of copper, brass and nickel silver, 1993.

Bracelet with maze games for boring cocktail parties.
The small steel ball can be taken out of its compartment and inserted into the hole that leads to a hidden maze, which goes around the entire bracelet. With a little luck and patience, the ball then comes out into the hole on the other side.
Brass, nickel silver, steel ball. 1994.

Brooch (back and front) of sterling silver, brass and nickel silver. 1993.


Silver and copper, silk lined. 1994.


Necklace with detachable pendant that can be opened.

Sterling silver, brass, copper,2000.


Sterling silver necklace and cans (previously containing peeled potatoes), 2004.


Necklace of rubber and typewriter parts. 1999.

Easter eggs

Necklace in copper and sterling silver, 2000.

Queen of peace

Rattle in sterling silver. Length about 14 cm, 2004.

Composition with Norrlands

Mosaic of beer cans on chipboard
60 x 60 cm, 2005.

Stor stark

The whole piece of jewelery is made up of links like this. Each link locks the previous one.

Barcode Cufflinks

Cufflinks in sterling silver and barcodes from recycled cans, 2006.

Flowers of Romance

Necklace of black beer cans and sterling silver, 2006.

Gold Star

Top star of beer cans.
33 cm in diameter, 2008.