Photo collage
Exhibited at Gallery Elixir, Gävle Hospital
4-24/2 2017

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In the beginning of 2016 I was suffering from a deep depression and considered giving up art for good. For me, and perhaps all artists, the desire to create is fundamental for making art – otherwise, what´s the point? My desire was gone and consequently my identity – who am I if I´m no longer an artist?

Finally I seeked help and received both medication and therapy. I got slowly better, I was functioning again. But the desire the create was still gone.

On Sunday the 27th of March 2016, I broke my foot. And this turned out to be the best mental healing I could ever have wished for. Suddenly, I had ”legitimate” cause to stay in bed all day. To become physically constrained was of course frustrating in many ways, but it also turned out to be a mental possibility. I had plenty of time to think, rest and recharge, but most important, I was forced to give in to the circumstances.

I started collecting materials and documenting my convalescence. The physical damage chased the demons away. Desire was back in the hollow spot in my brain.
”Hey, I said. Welcome back. Let´s create something!”